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    Monday, December 16, 2019   /   by Lauren Wyatt

    Famous Christmas Trees Around The World

    It's Christmas time, and that means that cities and towns across the world are decorating their public spaces to celebrate the season. Most Americans know of New York's famous Rockefellar Center Christmas tree, but have you heard of these three other famous trees?

    London's Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree
    Since 1947, the people of Oslo have gifted a Christmas tree to the people of Brittan in remembrance of their support of Norway during the Second World War. The Norway Spruce is decorated each year in white lights, the traditional Norwegian style for Christmas Trees. 

    Rio de Janeiro's Floating Christmas Tree
    Celebrating the season with its own unique flair, the city of Rio de Janerio has boasted the “world's largest floating Christmas tree" for over twenty years. First constructed in 1996, the massive structure sets atop a platform that wanders around Rio's scenic Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. A celebration with fireworks is hosted each year for the trees ...

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